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Welcome to JDS Dance School!

Our primary goal is for everyone to enjoy dance to their heart's content, and for them to live healthy, beautiful, and vibrant lives every day. We have been rooted in the community for 42 years! Art and culture are the strength of the community! With this motto, we have produced many artists, both professional and amateur.  

JAPAN DANCE SCHOOL provides a place where people seeking expertise in a variety of genres, from adults to children, can improve their skills. Our instructors are experienced specialists in each genre. We value each encounter with each student and promise to provide valuable lessons in each class. In our children's classes, we aim to help students acquire artistic sensibility, rich emotions, and creativity. At the same time, we aim to cultivate ambition while honing their skills. Our instructors, who have mastered educational principles, will work together to nurture your child's development.

At the attached College JDS Global After School, children from preschool to elementary, junior high and high school students can learn dance, music, acting and global communication with foreign instructors. With a flat-rate system for school-age children, anyone can easily experience the arts. Through performing arts, students learn logical thinking and leadership. Dance arts education is one of the global educations required in modern times.

The World Peace Theatre, a small theater located next to the building, is in partnership with the Yokohama Theater Group and regularly hosts artistic performances. We also lend out the theater and cooperate with productions.


We look forward to seeing you at JDS Dance School.

Please feel free to stop by.


Noriko Kuroe

Graduated from Kanagawa Prefectural Kawasaki High School

Graduated from Meiji University Faculty of Law

Graduated from Kenichi Ohmae Business Breakthrough Graduate School (MBA)

Obtained teaching license (junior high school and high school social studies)

Study abroad at New York Broadway Dance Center

Graduated from Yu Ballet Academy Teacher Class

Instructor at Shimada Dance Institute (children's dance, sword fighting, folk dance)

1982 Founded JDS Dance School

2008: Pegasus JDS cram school opened

2000-2007 Hamakoi Champion

Tokyo Yosakoi Grand Prix

Winner of the Tokyo Governor's Award and the Kanagawa Governor's Award

2012 Opened the Global Art Education Center in Japan and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

2014 Changed to Global Cultural Collaboration Support Center (GCC)

2015: Appointed Chairman of the Global Cultural Collaboration Support Center

2017 Graduated from Isshinjuku and became the representative of the KVSS Kawasaki Vietnamese Student Support Group

2024 Appointed as project leader of Kawasaki Ward Social Design Center

Tale of the Kojiki ~ The Life of Amenouzume

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