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 Studio space, performance space, party space, lecture/seminar/study space

●JDS space rental service

World Peace Theater is a creative space on the first floor of the JDS School. You can enjoy a creative art space.

Please use this space for rehearsals.

World Peace Theatre Management Department 090-2239-5970 (Kuroe)



World Peace Theatre
Theater Use

Price: 50,000 yen/ONE DAY

(9:00AM-10:00PM, late night preparation available)

Lighting equipment, audio equipment, projectors

Various stage equipment, 150 chairs, 20 tables

Drum set 2, microphone stand

Large refrigerator, drink bar, reception table

Dressing room: 3 rooms

Area: 60 tsubo

Please inquire about fees and reservation status.

Practice venue space

1F Rehearsal space 200m2

TAP Professional Studio (Sakura wood floor) for 4-6 people

2nd floor practice studio 30 tsubo

1 hour 630 yen ~

Please make your reservation by phone.

044-222-3582 JDS School Office

To Kuroe: 090-2239-5970


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